Introduction Text editor first webpage


Need Before Writing HTML Web page

Before writing the HTML webpage, we need a plain file editor like NOTEPAD for writing code and a BROWSER for run the HTML file. It does not require any special software for creating webpages. There are many editors available for quickly writing HTML.

But we recommended you to use Sublime Text Editor for quickly writing.

Download Sublime

Why We recommend Sublime

We recommend Sublime Text editor because NOTEPAD is time-consuming. In NOTEPAD, we need to write full code while in Sublime text editor emmit function is available, which saves our time in writing code and makes it easier than Notepad.

How to Use Notepad

For using Notepad Press Win+R and type Notepad, click on ok button Notepad will be open Now Press Ctrl+S to save the file with .html extension. When you Press Ctrl+S, then the File explorer window will appear. Now change the save as type from a text document to All files.

How to use Sublime

Open Sublime, create a new file, and save it with .html extension. Now write HTML and Press Tab button the boilerplate of HTML automatically written in your file. If you want to write heading 1, write h1 and press Tab opening, and the closing tag automatically comes. In Sublime, Press the Tab button to write Html tags.