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Horizontal Icon Bar

In this article we create Horizontal Icon Bar using HTML and CSS. In this menu we use icons. So we use Font Awesome's Icon.

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Step 1 : Add this Code in your HTML File.


HTML Code Explain

Before creating this menu please Add icon library in head tag. After Adding icon library, You need to create a <div>. Here we create a <div> with icon-bar class name. Under this <div> we create <a> tag and put Font Awesome Icon.

Step 2 : Add this Code in your CSS File.


In the CSS Code we set Default values under *. Here we set our Default value margin: 0; and padding: 0;

Under the class icon-bar we set width: 100% and line-height: 80px; After setting it we gave 25% width to every <a> because here we have only 4 <a> you can also use width: calc(100% / 4). If you have 5 <a> than put 5 in place of 4.

Note: width: calc(100% / No. of <a>)